Yummy Cadbury’s Chocolate Recipes

I absolutely love cooking and baking. I am so excited to get started on the recipe below! Just mouth-watering chocolate goodies, especially when it’s made with Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate, my favorite type of chocolate in the world besides Cailler and a few other Swiss brands. http://www.cadbury.co.uk/recipes/cakes/Pages/ChocolateSwissRoll.aspx Cadbury’s is everywhere in South Africa but is … More Yummy Cadbury’s Chocolate Recipes

How it Started

I initially started this blog about the lifestyle around Jacaranda Living to share insights, tips and inspirations relating to Jacaranda Living. Jacaranda’s story began 8 years ago when my mother, Cathy Deale, showed some of the beautiful embroidered linens made by African women in South Africa (where we are originally from) to shops in Boston and … More How it Started