Birthday Weekend

I had the best weekend last weekend celebrating my 26th birthday with some of my closest friends. We had a long weekend of some serious fun from delicious pasta dishes to unlimited bubbly champagne to fun filters on Snapchats that my friend Kelsea bought for me to create the special moment. We all went to Bar Primi … More Birthday Weekend


Today marks a big day in history. Not only am I turning 26 today (haha) but it’s ELECTION DAY. I voted and feel great about it as this is the first time I have ever voted for a presidential election. I just became a U.S. citizen 5 years ago and I didn’t think about voting … More I VOTED!


It’s the mid-twenties and you’re torn between wanting to go out, dance, live your life and be free or get a little puppy to take care of like it’s your little kid. You can’t stop picturing yourself as both that young, free girl but also that young woman whose growing up and beginning to plan out her … More Mid-Twenties

Normal is Boring

Because sometimes you just need to stay weird to get through these grey, dark days of the beginning of fall. Surround yourself with interesting people, motivate yourself and have positive vibes always to help get you through the end of the work week. Finally, after a lot of resistance to fall, I’m getting myself to accept … More Normal is Boring

Connecting in Fashion

This week the Josie Natori sales team went to the Coterie show at the Javit’s center in NYC. The collections that were displayed were the Josie Natori S/S ’17 and Resort ’17 collections. The booth looked beautiful and it was a really interesting experience to go and learn more about the buyers, sellers, editors that … More Connecting in Fashion

Goodbye Summer!

The summer that was so short-lived filled with beautiful people, lots of pools, lively rooftops and endless Hamptons trips has left us. It is devastating for me when summer comes to an end. I don’t do well in the cold and to think there is no way around it other than escaping on a quick … More Goodbye Summer!

Sunny side up

My favorite moment in NYC is when the air slowly warms and you feel the inkling of spring coming in. You start to wear less clothing and brighter colors. The rooftops begin to open and people begin to frequent happy hours with open smiles. Everyone is in a better mood and the excitement for what’s … More Sunny side up

Who what why

Reflections, imperfections, discovery of realizations or past mistakes Nothing is perfect and life is filled with ‘what ifs’ Take time to breathe Remember these are only distractions that prevent us from being present Overthinking kills our ability to be happy Our past experiences guide us to overcome mistreatment to make us realize our strength, power, … More Who what why