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As a creative thinker with social media and content marketing experience in the fashion, wellness, fitness and consumer fields, I am very passionate about producing compelling content and telling a good story. I enjoy working with clients in various industries to help them create a unique brand strategy and produce content that drives traffic to their online platforms. I work well both independently and on a team where I can optimize my creative ideas, strong face-to-face communication and leadership skills.

The above link showcases some of my work samples from the past few years. I am always on the look out to network with people in the creative industry to see if I can be of any help to their product or idea. My passion is helping people increase brand awareness by producing quality content and connecting like-minded people who can help each other. I’m experienced in copywriting, web creation, content marketing and social strategy. Reach out to me if you want to collaborate on a project or meet in person. My clients are always open to partnering at events and collaborating with similar entrepreneurs and influencers. Plus, I always enjoy meeting creative people and discussing trending topics.

My other specialties include: Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Influencer Collaboration, Influencer Marketing, Creative Advertising, Brand Marketing, Integrated Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Strategy, AdWords, Google Analytics, Pitching, Writing, Press Releases, Graphic Design, Communications, Event Production, E-Commerce, Content Creation, Web Development