Strong Women Celebrating Women’s Day the Right Way

In case you didn’t know, it’s WOMEN’S DAY WEEK this week. International Women’s Day is always on March 8th. How are you celebrating? Take your friends out for a girl’s brunch or shopping spree. Bake pretty pink cupcakes with sprinkles for the office crew and bring them to work. Women and work moms should be … More Strong Women Celebrating Women’s Day the Right Way

Tackle Your Resolutions and Stay Motivated at these NYC Events

Kickstart your 2020 by going to awesome events in New York City. You probably know by now that I’ve been working at asembl  (awesome social app) and am focusing this month on health and wellness events for people to go to around the New York area. If you don’t live in NYC, check out eventbrite … More Tackle Your Resolutions and Stay Motivated at these NYC Events

The Armory Show

As promised, an update of my weekend visit to the Armory Show. It was interesting (and free thanks to Hannah being a member at the Whitney Museum). I attended on Sunday and saw a lot of different artists, met a few people, and saw several familiar New York fashionistas and old friends. The art fair … More The Armory Show

Lovely in Lace

Since working at a fashion lingerie company, I’ve become obsessed with silky lace lingerie and loungewear. My absolute favorite styles are the silk Chemises, Lolita camisoles and the lacy bras and panties. Josie Natori beautiful lace lingerie is my all time favorite. Not only is it fitted and comfortable but the quality of the styles are … More Lovely in Lace


Brooklyn escape this past weekend and loved it. The streets are calmer. A lot more visible trees, open roads and blue sky, and finally less loud yellow cabs… Hello Brooklyn! Nick, Andrew and I ubered from my friend’s Nyc rooftop party across the bridge to BK for a shuffleboard party! It was hilarious – interesting … More Brooklyners