A Pick Me Up

The holiday season can be a bit draining and this cold, dreary weather makes it tough to keep going. I wanted to share this great quote below. Sometimes we all need a pick me up and I hope it helps you keep going through the next few weeks. I certainly need it. “You ruin your … More A Pick Me Up


It’s the mid-twenties and you’re torn between wanting to go out, dance, live your life and be free or get a little puppy to take care of like it’s your little kid. You can’t stop picturing yourself as both that young, free girl but also that young woman whose growing up and beginning to plan out her … More Mid-Twenties

Who what why

Reflections, imperfections, discovery of realizations or past mistakes Nothing is perfect and life is filled with ‘what ifs’ Take time to breathe Remember these are only distractions that prevent us from being present Overthinking kills our ability to be happy Our past experiences guide us to overcome mistreatment to make us realize our strength, power, … More Who what why